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[TUT] Show portfolio on genesis theme

tut portfolio genesis
First, we need to download the wordpress  plugin Genesis Portfolio Pro from GitHub, installed it, and activated it here on our site. This plugin creates a portfolio custom post type that we can use to separate portfolio type content from other content, say, a blog post. Adding the specific post type isn't necessary for everyone. For instance, if you have a small number of items to highlight, it may be easier to just create a regular blog post and assign it to a portfolio or work samples category.
So we have this menu option for portfolio items and it looks extremely similar to the menu option for post. Both have the options to view all items, add a new item, and then add a type or category.
tut portfolio genesis
The fancy term for these types or categories is taxonomies. They're stored the exact same way in the WordPress database and a taxonomy is simply a way to group related post. For the portfolio post type, those taxonomies are called portfolio types. So let's view all portfolio items.I've already gone ahead and added some in. Within each portfolio post, I've just inserted a regular WordPress image gallery and set a featured image. Of course you could add some text content in here as well, just like a regular post.
tut portfolio genesis
Since the portfolio for this site is relatively small, I've opted not to assign it a portfolio type. Of course, go ahead and use them if it helps with the organization of your content. The last thing I wanna point out is archive settings. This is a cool feature as of Genesis 2.0 that lets you add a headline and an intro to your archives along with some other settings. You can even insert HTML markup in this area, as I've done. I've added a link and styled it with the CSS class button to give me a call to action button on the archive.
tut portfolio genesis
I can use this class because my theme comes with some built in styles for that button class. As a matter of fact, most Genesis child themes have that button class, so chances are good you can use it. If you use theme altitude from studio press, you can change class="clear button white". The way to check would be to look at your style.css file, and do a quick search to see if you see that button reference. So let's go ahead and take a look at my portfolio archive. I can do that by clicking this link right here. Though here you can see my headline and my intro text and my button, and this is a three column grid layout that shows off each portfolio item.
Now if you wanted to change the appearance of this page, say make it a four column grid, you'd need to make edits to your child theme CSS file to override the CSS coming from the plugin. To see the content of these portfolio posts, I can click through and see the images I've added there. Now that we have our portfolio, the last step is to add it to our navigation so that our site visitors can easily find that. I'm gonna go back to my main portfolio page, and grab this URL.
Then I'm gonna go edit my menu by going to the menus link. You can also get there from the back-end by going to Appearance menus. I'm gonna enter this URL, and call it portfolio and add it to menu. And the cool thing about these menus is you can drag and drop. I'm gonna put mine right here by the contact button. Let's go ahead and save it, and take a look. And there it is! All right! We've really done most of the heavy lifting. Now we're off to some finishing touches before we prepare this site for launch.

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