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How to building a wedding website : Identify objects for site

When building a new website, it's important to start out right. That means determining your goals and figuring out your content before starting the actual process of building the site itself. The project we've started on here is to build a website for a wedding, or other special event. And the first step in that process is to figure out what goals we want to achieve, and how to meet those goals. To identify my goals, I ask myself a simple question. 
Why do I want a site for my wedding or special event? 
The answers are my goals for the site.Weddings and other special events are unusual in that they have very specific and time-sensitive goals. For example, the most important part of the website is to get people to save the date. So that has to be a prominent feature. Another is to get invited guests to RSVP to the event. Here we also have to consider whether the RSVP section should be open to the public, or if it should only be available for specifically invited guests. A wedding or special events website also has some other common goals: Share guest info about the time, location, venue, hotels, and other practical aspects, get visitors to sign a guestbook and leave a message before the big day, find information on the registry,charitable donations, and other action items, see photos of the happy couple, and possibly also share photos after the event, and of course read stories about the event, and other info you want to share.
As a website goes, this is a pretty straightforward list, and all of these things can be done with WordPress, with a few plugins. Now that you've seen how I determined my goals, you do the same for your site. Chances are, our lists will be pretty much identical. But there's also a good chance you may have some goals that are unique to your site. Mapping these out now at the start of the project will help guide your process as we dive into content creation and the actual building of the site.

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