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How to add custom menu on wordpress website

- Looking at my list of Pages, I now have all the pages I planned for in my site inventory. The problem is if I jump to the front page of my siteyou'll see there's no logical way of getting to those pages. Because this is a default WordPress install and I haven't done any kind of customization to it yet, I only have my site title and tagline, a Search box, and then a bunch of widgets on the right hand side here that don't really make any sense for this kind of site, and then the welcome page. So now that I've added all the content in I need to create a custom menu to allow people to quickly navigate where they want to go.
Provides an easy way to create all the menus you want and you can assign those menus to different places on your site, either with your theme or as widgets. What I'm gonna do is create one main menu and display that in the main menu location for the theme I'm using. To start I need to create the menu itself, and I'll do that by going to the WordPress toolbar, hovering over the site title and selecting Menus, or if I'm on the back end I can also go to Appearance, and select Menus. I'll start out by creating a new menu, I'll call it Main Menu.

Click Create Menu to create the menu itself. And then I need to add content to my menu. Here I'll go to View All and just select all the items,because this time I want to display all my pages. Click Add to Menu, and all my (mumbling) are added. Now when I add a menu like this I get an alphabetical menu where every item is equally weighted, so there's no sub-items, everything is just on the same level. I also get a menu item at the very top, which is the home link, so this would be the home page.
And you'll notice, since I'm using a page as a home page that You're Invited features at the top and at the bottom because it's a (mumbling).So I need to remove one of these. I'll start off by going to You're Invited down here, clicking the down arrow, and then going to Remove this menu item. Now I get to reorganize my menu to make it structurally the way I want to. I'll start with the home page, because that makes sense, and I also want to end with my Contact page, so I'll grab that and drag it to the bottom. Then I want to organize my content as follows,I'll start with Our Story, and then The Engagement Photos will go under Our Story, so I'll pull that to the right so it's clearly docked underneath.
Then I have my Guest Info, and under Guest Info I want Hotels and What to Wear. Then I have my Guestbook, my Registry, my RSVP link, and Contact. And maybe I actually want RSVP to appear right here at the top, so that once people who are invited go to the site, they'll see RSVP as the very top item. So now I have a menu structure I think makes sense. I can now scroll down, check under Theme locations where I want this menu to appear, which in my case is Primary Menu, and then click Save Menu.
Once the menu is saved I'll open the site in a separate tab, and you'll see now I have a menu. You're Invited, RSVP, Our Story with a drop down, Guest Info with a drop down, and then Guestbook, Registry, and Contact. And since this menu is dynamic I can now go in and change it. Let's say I want RSVP to be under Guest Info, I can just put it here. Maybe I want Guestbook to appear directly after Our Story, so I'll put it in here. And if I like this new layout, I simply click Save Menu again, go and reload the front page and you see the structure of the menu has changed.
This gives you full control and it means as your site evolves you could also add new items to the menu. So for example, once this couple has gotten married and they want to add up their wedding photos, they can simply create a new page with a new gallery with the wedding photos, and then go into the Menu, add a new menu item for the new wedding images, and then just add them in under Our Story. Pretty much as simple as it can get.

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