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How to building a wedding website: Identifying special wedding day

 we can now identify requirements for both the content and the presentation of content on the site. This list will help inform our content creation as well as the selection of a theme, and supporting plugins. The goal here is to create a guideline to use as we decide how the site should be put together. For the site I'm building, I've created the following list. First, the site must display all the wedding details in some fashion. The date itself, and information about the couple and whatever else is relevant.
I also want to have a guestbook feature of some kind. Now, guestbooks may seem archaic on the modern web, but for a wedding or special event, they actually make a lot of sense. Photography and videography have become a big part of weddings and events, and guests love to see photos. There is also an easy way of adding some visual panache to a site, so I have to make sure image galleries look amazing. And finally, for my site, I want to keep guest info and the RSVP section private.
This is a personal choice and you can choose one way or the other. I've been to weddings that left all the information open, and weddings where everything was kept tightly under lock and key. Whatever makes sense to you is the way to go, and the techniques I'm showing you in this course allow you to pick public, private, or a combination of both.

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