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BeTheme V11.9 – Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme Free

BeTheme – Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme is the best Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme ever. This theme is a most popular multipurpose theme from muffingroup.  Betheme have a series of demo layouts including an Tea, Toy, beauty, gym, fitness, photography and more. Looking at the demo site here, it’s pretty apparent that the designer of muffingroup put a lot of emphasis on featured images. They appear very large at the top of each post and they take up a lot of space on the site as a whole. And as you’ll see later in the course, when you start using the featured content area, featured images become crucial for that content area to work and look nice.
Version 11.9
* Added: Logo - Height & Vertical Padding
* Added: Polish Translation
* Fixed: Responsive OFF - Header: Stack Center
* Fixed: Responsive OFF - Layout with Sidebar - Content width
* Fixed: Section - Equal Height of Items in wrap
* Fixed: Header Creative - Text Logo
* Improved: Preformance - The number of HTTP requests reduced
* Improved: Preformance - The size of CSS files reduced
* Improved: Style Simple - HTML Tables - Disable Rows Hover
* Improved: Brazilian Translation
* Removed: custom.css file - Please use child theme instead
* Demos: Kebab, Holding

- functions.php
- rtl.css
- style-responsive.php
- style.css
- style.php
- css/base.css
- css/buttons.css *
- css/custom.css *
- css/grid.css *
- css/layout.css
- css/responsive-off.css
- css/responsive.css
- css/shortcodes.css
- css/style-simple.css *
- css/variables.css *
- functions/importer
- functions/theme-head.php
- includes/header-creative.php
- js/scripts.js
- languages
- muffin-options/css/options.css
- muffin-options/theme-options.php

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