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Hotmagazine – News & Magazine WordPress Theme Free Download

HOTMAGAZINE is a comprehensive WordPress theme for widespread use. Ithas a clean and minimalist design. This is the current trend on the web, and especially when you’re creating a website for a Fashion, Sport, Design, Games Themes, Games, Tech Magazine, Blog or other type of special event.It’s important to have a clean and minimalist design so that the message on the pages, and also the images, really stand out. Contains everything you should include in magazine theme.
Change Log for Hotmagazine v1.2  Dated  20.02.2016
-Update Demo Data
Change Log for Hotmagazine v1.1  Dated  19.02.2016
- Include Child Theme

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  1. I thought it was important of a wordpress theme in here to show you exactly how to do it when and if you need to. So, we're back inside of our document, and we're going to double click on the master page, once again, and basically what I'm referring to here is changing the background color of the entire site so that we don't have to continuously add different rectangles and things like that to fake the background, we want the browser fill itself to just be filled with a background color or even an image, for that matter.

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    1. When you drop this down, you're going to be able to add in fill options, either solid colors, gradients, or even an image. If you can’t find the right theme on this theme collection you might want to choose solid, gradient, or drop down and just select a color, so for instance, if I wanted to change the background of the website to red, you can see that it automatically changes it just like that.