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University | Education Responsive WordPress Theme – Free Download

University | Education Responsive WordPress Theme is elegant, customizable, easy, and clear WordPress theme. UOCE theme provides stunning features for creating Online Courses, Teams, Events, Galleries and many more for your institute. The theme is a complete courses management system where you can create online courses such as, Courses Schedule, Descriptions, Pricing Options and Courses Features. It is the easiest theme to set look & feel as per your choice. Another astonishing feature Theme is fully compatible with latest SEO techniques. UOCE theme is flexible and have bundle of theme customization options to style your site as per your desire. Also, it can be translated in any language of your choice through WPML plugin.
Fixed : Slider pagination style is disturbed Home Page
Fixed : Add features to course issue with the button . 
Fixed : Slider caption p is grey by default after demo data import
Fixed : video element: Not working for Youtube link
Fixed : Custom code not been saved nor been applied on front-end

 University | Education Responsive WordPress Theme - Free Download
 University | Education Responsive WordPress Theme - Free Download
 University | Education Responsive WordPress Theme - Free Download
When I develop themes I like to start at the top and work my way down identifying individual items and treating them as separate components. I build a correct markup for each component first then apply styles to it to make it look the way I want. Comparing the current single template with my design drafts you can see there are some substantive differences in the header section of my post. In the design draft we see the title, a deck, then the meta section with an avatar, the author name, publishing date and then either a number of comments or a request to comment.

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